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There are many different styles to choose when remembering a loved one. Let Granite Swan Memorials guide you with your decision.

mausoleums Mausoleums:
This is a private, family granite building which usually has stained glass windows and a bronze door. Smaller types include a crypt which is an above ground building without windows or doors.
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Upright Monument:
This is what most of us think of when envisioning a headstone. An upright is typically 2 or more pieces one of which is the base. The top piece is referred to as the die/tablet and the bottom piece as the base.
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Slant Marker:
These markers stand 16 – 18 inches above the ground. They have a straight back with the front sloping about 45 degrees. A slant marker can be used with or without a base.
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flush marker Flush Marker:
Also known as a grass marker these lay flush on the ground. The most common size is 24” x 12” x 4” but can be larger or smaller depending on your cemeteries regulations.
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Bronze Plaques: These memorials are cast out of bronze and are attached to either a granite or cement base to be used as a flush marker. They can also be attached to the face of a slant or bevel.
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  Bevel Marker: These markers are slightly higher in the back than in the front leaving a slight pitch to the stone. The bevel marker sits slightly above the ground.
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Benches: A granite bench can be used in some cemeteries depending upon their regulations. Benches are a beautiful addition to landscaping in a memorial garden.
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